Jen Psaki Defends Schools Forcing Children to Eat Outside in the Cold

( )- As part of their lunatic COVID policies, many public elementary schools are requiring children to eat their lunches outside rather than in the school cafeteria. And while that may have been swell when the weather was nice, now that winter is just around the corner, children being forced to eat in the near-freezing cold is causing some parents distress.

In a recent video showing Portland kindergartners sitting outside in 40-degree weather eating lunch, the Oliver Twist-like conditions were described as child abuse:

During a press briefing last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about these kinds of insane COVID rules in schools and whether the White House wants to see those restrictions lifted so kids can get back to normal.

And, unsurprisingly, Psaki defended it.

Psaki insisted that schools are taking those steps to protect children ages 5 to 11 since the FDA only recently approved the vaccines for them. She brought up her 3-year-old, saying these rules are “no big deal to him.” Though she conceded that doesn’t mean everyone feels that way. But, Psaki explained, the schools are trying to keep the children safe, “and I think the vast majority of parents appreciate that.”

But winter is nearly here. It’s one thing to have children to sit outside when it’s in the seventies or sixties, quite another when it’s in the forties or thirties.

Jen Psaki is lying, by the way. The White House doesn’t want to return to normalcy. Continuing to peddle panic and fear over COVID has allowed this administration to amass an ungodly amount of power. And they will never give that up.

That’s why, despite the omicron variant being far milder than previous variants of coronavirus, the White House is still treating it as the single greatest threat to all mankind.

Just how many Americans are buying this claim that the White House wants the country to return to normal is anybody’s guess. But it’s likely the number who are fooled gets lower every time a kid gets stuck eating his lunch in the cold.