Jen Psaki Comically Tries To Suggest Joe Manchin Wasn’t Bullied

( )- Controversial White House press secretary Jen Psaki attempted on Wednesday to dampen rumors that the Democrats had viciously bullied moderate Democratic Senator for West Virginia Joe Manchin into supporting their extremist “Build Back Better” agenda.

During the press briefing, White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Psaki about the news that Manchin would not back the ultra-partisan legislation and asked for a comment on the news that Manchin “pulled the plug” on the legislation because he was bullied and shamed publicly by staffers.

Psaki immediately dismissed the idea of bullying and then pivoted, arguing that Senator Manchin was familiar with fighting tough battles and wasn’t likely to wilt under pressure.

See for yourself:

Psaki attempted to praise Manchin – as if some mild compliment are likely to win him over on their extremist legislation – saying that he comes “proudly from a coal-mining family” and that he’s a “pretty outspoken advocate for the things he believes in.”

It’s technically a compliment but it also sounds like a diss. Why did they mention the coal mining family? Is that a dig at him not supporting their huge budget for implementing radical climate change plans?

Psaki had no answer to the question about the identity of the staffer who specifically named Manchin in a recent statement, blaming him for the Build Back Better bill not passing.

Then again, she never really does have any answers.

In the meantime, President Joe Biden is telling the press that he still plans to “get something done” with Manchin in the near future.

He has until the 2022 midterm elections to win him over…otherwise, this extreme Democrat legislation may never see the light of day if the Republicans take back the House and the Senate.