Jay Leno Accidentally Hits A Parked Police Car After Hospital Release

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Less than two weeks after being discharged from the hospital, former “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno got into a bit of a pickle when he struck a police vehicle multiple times as he pulled up to his comeback show in California.

The rear right tire of the 72-year-old Leno’s Tesla hit the tire of a police Jeep as he tried to park in front of the Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach. Inexplicably, Leno then backed up and hit the car a second time.

Rather than make him late for his return performance, the police officers told Leno and his wife Mavis, “You can just go, we’ll figure it out later.”

Leno then opted to parallel park in front of the Hermosa Beach comedy club instead of pulling into a wide-open spot. But the comedian had to shift gears four times to park his car, nearly hitting the curb at one point.

And, yes. It’s all on video.

Naturally, all this took place while a crowd of paparazzi and fans looked on.

Despite the somewhat embarrassing start to the evening, Leno emerged from his Tesla making jokes. He asked the officers if he rubbed their tire before bending over to inspect his car for damage.

Joking about his stay at the Grossman Burn Center, Leno told the crowd that the National Inquirer got the story wrong, adding that it reported he was in the hospital “because Nancy  Pelosi hit me in the head with a hammer.”

Making a joke about the garage fire that left him with third-degree burns on his face and hands, Leno told the crowd that he was doing two shows that night, “regular and extra crispy.”

“I never thought of myself as a roast comic,” the comedian quipped.

Leno, who has been performing at the Comedy Magic Club nearly every week since 1992, was given a standing ovation by the sold-out crowd who turned up to see his return to the stage after his stay in the hospital.