January 6th Unlikely To Ask Trump To Testify, Report Finds

(RoyalPatriot.com )- While there has been much speculation about whether it would do so, the House January 6 investigating committee is not likely to call former President Donald Trump to testify in front of it.

On Tuesday, the committee’s chair, Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson said it’s “not our expectations to do that.” Ultimately, Thompson said it wouldn’t be necessary to gain testimony from Trump in order to advance the “mounting evidence” the committee has been gathering about his efforts to undermine the presidential election in 2020.

On Tuesday, Thompson told a group of reporters:

“We’re not sure that the evidence that we receive can be any more validated with his presence. I think the concern is whether or not he would add any more value with his testimony.”

The committee chair said they are still negotiating with former Vice President Mike Pence. However, he has said in the past that he’s not even sure that testimony from Trump’s VP would even be necessary, either. That’s because some of his top advisers have already cooperated with the panel.

That being said, the negotiations are likely still ongoing because of Pence’s unique position in relation to the investigation. He could be considered both a witness to the events — as Trump’s vice president — and also a victim of it — since he was at the Capitol building and was one of the main targets of the rioters.

The committee has been investigating the incidents for 10 months now, and has collected a huge amount of evidence. Politico reported recently that the evidence has painted a picture of the multifaceted and complex plan that Trump and his team created to disrupt the transfer of power to current President Joe Biden.

One of the biggest debates committee members have engaged in is whether to call Trump to testify before them. Thompson emphasized to reporters that no final decision on the matter was made yet, but it’s “not in the day to day wheelhouse of our discussions.”

Some committee members have argued that testimony from Trump would ultimately be worthless — even if he were to agree to testify. That’s because they feel the former president has continued to spread his lies about the presidential election being stolen from him.

The committee is planning to hold its next round of public hearings next month, at which time, many of the findings they have gathered will be revealed to the public. That being said, the committee is still working on gathering evidence, trying to gain more information from the National Archives and talking to witnesses — all while fighting lawsuits that have been brought to stop it all from happening.

Thompson recently sent another request to the Archives, and that request and other recent ones have been getting more detailed as they continue to acquire more evidence.

As he explained:

“We’re still in the middle of an aggressive investigation as we prepare for our hearings. Things come up. We address them as they come up.

“There’s no cutoff for issuing subpoenas. There’s no cutoff for talking to witnesses. There’s no cutoff for getting additional information.”