January 6th Hires Consultant With “Huge” Conflict Of Interest

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The House’s special committee investigating January 6 is trying to get to the bottom of what happened before, during and after the Capital Riot in 2021, saying they are just seeking the truth.

But, in doing so, it looks like they may have hired someone to help who brought with him a huge conflict of interest.

Watchdog groups reported to the Daily Caller News Foundation that Brian Young, who the January 6 committee hired as an investigative consultant, may have a major “conflict of interest.”

Young serves as a senior financial investigator at Polar Solutions Inc., a consultancy firm. He is also serving as a contractor for the House’s special investigating committee.

The potential conflict of interest, though, doesn’t come from Young’s own professional roles, though. It’s the fact that he’s married to Kim Campbell, who serves as the House Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms. In this role, she serves as the second most senior official within the SAA.

And just like the Capitol Police, the House is investigating the SAA to see what its role was in the security failures that happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The American Accountability Foundation’s executive director, Tom Jones, said this alone could pose “a huge conflict of interest,” should the work that Young is doing involve in any way him reviewing how the Capitol Police or SAA performed on the day of the insurrection. As Jones commented:

“Young needs to come clean about what he is doing for the January 6 committee. There is no way a husband can give an independent and objective assessment of his wife’s performance.”

The two congressional offices of the SAA coordinate together with the Capitol Police. They are ultimately responsible for providing and maintaining security at the Capitol building by protecting the members of Congress and overseeing all emergency management programs.

The January 6 committee is investigating “the sharing of intelligence,” or lack thereof, that occurred on that day between local, state and federal agencies with the Capitol Police and offices of the SAA.

The House SAA is also being probed by the committee for its “systems of monitoring” information streams of intelligence before and during the Capitol Riot. The committee has plans to issue a final report that will have recommendations “for corrective measures.”

For two months’ worth of work in December of 2021 and January of 2022, Polar Solutions was given $93,000, according to disbursement records issued by the House.

Young’s LinkedIn profile says that, at that firm, he provides “professional services and expertise to the Legislative Branch for Law Enforcement, National Defense and National Security.”

But, it’s who he’s married to that is raising a lot of red flags. One member of Congress who has taken notice is Republican Representative Ralph Norman of South Carolina. He commented on the potential conflict of interest:

“For this committee to utilize, in any capacity, a consultant who is literally married to a high-ranking official within the SAA’s office is highly inappropriate.”

It’s not as if the committee wouldn’t have other people to choose from who could do the job, either. That simple fact raises the question of why Young was chosen in the first place — and why he agreed to go forward with the assignment.