January 6th Hero Violated Civil Rights Of A Black Man

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Michael Fanone, a former member of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police, became extremely well-known following the events of January 6. He received a book deal, multiple appearances in the mainstream media, and a job as a CNN commentator in exchange for his 30-minute fight at the Capitol Building. Most people are unaware that he unlawfully stopped and frisked a black attorney, resulting in the city having to pay the victim $175,000.

Fanone has called law enforcement, former President Donald Trump, and his followers “racist” several times.

According to Fanone, who penned “Hold the Line: The Insurrection and One Cop’s Battle for America’s Soul,” this nation has had a long history of prejudice. He claims law enforcement has contributed significantly to it.

He says he’s encountered anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Asian, and anti-gay cops during his two decades on the force. He claims he’s encountered MPD employees who supported Trump’s racial views and who were either white racists themselves or at least sympathized with them.

What Trump’s “racial views” are

Fanone may have been correct in saying that some of Trump’s supporters held racist beliefs, but not in the manner he suggested. According to news reports, the former officer voted for Donald Trump in 2016. He had carried out a racist encounter against a black man seven years before this.

Fanone and his partner, Officer Samuel Modin, accosted Micheal Maddox, a black attorney for Howard University, in the late afternoon of October 8, 2009.

A veteran of the US Air Force, Maddox was standing on the corner of Fifth and K Streets, minding his own business, when the two officers approached him.

Maddox was quickly and unexpectedly cornered and taken into custody by Modin while defendant Officer Michael Fanone obstructed Maddox’s only other means of escape, his attorneys said in a 2010 complaint.

“Maddox noticed the presence of two individuals assuming threatening positions.” Maddox was pushed up against a trash can by Modin, who also made him raise his arms so Fanone could question him.

One of the officers, Michael Fanone, made “testicle-striking attempts” to search Maddox’s pockets, and another officer, Joseph Modin, struck him three times. Afterward, Modin yelled at Maddox for taking a picture of their faces so he could submit a report and ordered him to put away his cellphone camera.

The officers were sued for $3 million by Maddox for violating his civil rights.

Fanone continues to represent himself as a “Serpico,” when he is more like an opportunist grifter.