January 6th Committee Member Admits Witch Hunt Against Trump Is All For Show

(RoyalPatriot.com )- It is always telling when Democrats invoke the “there is a threat to our Democracy” shtick, because it’s transparent. So, when a January 6 committee member admits that the hearings are for nothing else but theater, you can suspect that he just said the quiet part out loud.

Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin reportedly did just that last Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” He asked whether or not he would be disappointed if the Justice Department did not prosecute Trump after the hearings. Raskin said that despite “our democracy being on the line” and “our Constitution at stake,” Trump getting prosecuted is not his “principal interest.” Instead, he said, his interest is in telling the truth.

Wow, very noble. It’s funny when Democrats say that our Constitution is at stake when they have a hard time reading the Article or Clause that states abortion is a fundamental right; or reading from where in the Constitution it says that the government can confiscate our weapons.

Raskin continued to say that he wants the American people to know the truth so that they can “fortify our institution against coups and insurrections going forward.” In other words, despite the insurrection that nearly toppled over democracy and installed an autocratic oligarchic fascist who spits on the Constitution of the United States, he would not be disappointed if the man who incited it did not get prosecuted because he is more concerned about “fortifying.” Very clever way of saying there has never been a case against Trump.

If this is all for theater, then the least that Democrats can do is admit it. Recently, former special assistant to President Trump’s chief of staff, Cassidy Hutchinson, testified that Trump tried to take the wheel of a secret service agent in order to go back to the Capitol. Sounds like something out of a Michael Bay film or Fast and Furious series.

The secret service is now prepared to testify that Trump never assaulted anyone or lunged for the steering wheel, according to CBS News.