Jake Tapper’s Embarrassing Claim Met With Outrage

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Jake Tapper, a so-called “news” anchor on CNN, was hit by a pretty massive backlash on social media after he posted on August 31 how America has “higher standards for game show hosts than for Members of Congress” and that it’s a sign of a “health society with its priorities in order.”

The anchor, who heads up “The Lead” on the far-left network, made the sarcastic comment in response to the news that Alex Trebek, the late television personality who hosted “Jeopardy,” will be replaced by a new presenter. The discussion has been controversial for lots of reasons, not just because Trebek is hard to replace but because Mike Richards, the longtime executive producer of the show, announced that he would take on the role…before being dropped from the show entirely after old comments resurfaced.

Richards was revealed to have made offensive comments on a podcast, prompting him to apologize and resign.

When Tapper made the sarcastic tweet, people very quickly pointed out how CNN doesn’t exactly have high standards for its own employees.

Greg Price noted, “Jeffrey Toobin and Chris Cuomo are still employed by your network,” which very quickly got thousands of likes and retweets.

The comment was referring to Toobin’s 2020 scandal that saw him caught masturbating on camera during a Zoom Call with his co-workers at The New Yorker. He took a short break from CNN but he has since come back to work.

And as for Chris Cuomo…where do we start? Not only has the left-wing reporter pushed the debunked conspiracy theory invented by the Democrats that said former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia, but he even recently sat on a panel advising his brother the former Governor of New York, Chris Cuomo, on what he should do in response to allegations that he sexually harassed multiple women.

Just how clueless can Jake Tapper be?

Is he totally oblivious to his own network’s low standards?