Ivanka Trump’s Subpoena Expected, Report Finds

(RoyalPatriot.com )- The House committee that’s investigating the attacks of January 6, 2021, is considering whether they should subpoena former President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

They are hoping that by issuing this subpoena, they will force her to testify and provide information they believe is vital to understanding her father’s role in the attacks on the U.S. Capitol building last year.

To this point, the investigating committee has been trying to gain information from many who would be considered a part of the former president’s inner circle. But, they haven’t yet stepped it up to subpoena members of his actual family.

A source told The Guardian that the panel isn’t likely to take this action just yet. Rather, committee members are just discussing all of their possibilities as they look to step up their investigation to the next level.

Ivanka has already refused to voluntarily cooperate with the panel.

Members of the panel haven’t publicly discussed their strategy in regard to issuing a subpoena to Ivanka or any of the former president’s other children, most of whom were directly involved in his White House in some way.

If the panel were to decide to try to proceed with a subpoena of Ivanka, the source told The Guardian that committee chair Bennie Thompson would likely first approach House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to inform her of their intentions — and possibly even get her approval before doing so.

It would be a very risky move for the committee, and for Democrats at large. It’s very unlikely that Ivanka would comply with the subpoena voluntarily, which would force the committee to either take the same path they have with others in this situation — refer her to the Department of Justice for criminal contempt of Congress charges — or just let it be.

Either way, the panel would be in for quite the fight that could ultimately end up backfiring on them. That’s probably why the panel tried to get Ivanka to participate voluntarily at first.

Last month, Thompson sent an 11-page letter to Ivanka asking her to voluntarily talk to them about her father’s role in stopping the certification of the Electoral College results in January of 2021.

Thompson said that Ivanka was close to her father in the days that led up to the attack on the Capitol building, and he believes Ivanka had intricate knowledge of the plan to try to get then-Vice President Mike Pence to stop the certification.

As the letter read, in part:

“The committee has information suggesting that President Trump’s White House counsel may have concluded that the actions President Trump directed Vice-President Pence to take would … otherwise be illegal. Did you discuss these issues?”

The letter also said that the House committee members wanted to questions Ivanka over whether she had inside knowledge about whether Trump tried to proceed with these actions but was told it would be illegal.

They also wanted to know what Ivanka did about that situation, and why her dad didn’t call off the rioters that day.