It’s OFFICIAL – Trump Wins HUGE Endorsement!

With the thanksgiving holiday now in the rearview mirror and the final month of December of the calendar year of 2023 fast approaching, the vast majority of Americans are gearing up for the eventful holiday season. While the holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas are always eventful and the sources of extremely exorbitant consumer spending, the reality of the financial state of many Americans is troubling. In the several years since the current president (a Pennsylvania native) of the United States Joe Biden entered the oval office, things have grown difficult for the American middle class in terms of economic and financial stability. Early in his term, Biden championed several large spending packages that have at least in part contributed to the rampant inflation which has crippled the working class. While wages have stagnated and the middle class of the United States has shrunken for decades in a phenomenon known as the “hourglass effect”, the inflation levels that peaked in 2022 at heights not reached in over 40 years have exacerbated this decline. In the present, it is estimated that some 60% of citizens are living paycheck to paycheck.

Biden has failed in more ways than basic and rudimentary economic policy. Perhaps his most glaring failure has been at the southern border of America with Mexico, where millions of illegal migrants have crossed into the nation since the commencement of his term of service as commander in chief. A recent analysis has estimated that over 5.5 million migrants have entered the country since January 2021. In the 2020 presidential election, Biden frequently criticized Trump for his strong immigration policies which included the construction of a border wall and the “remain in Mexico” mandate that helped mitigate the effects of illegal immigration.

As the situation worsens, it appears that Trump has received a key endorsement from an afflicted border state. The governor of Texas Greg Abbott has now endorsed Trump for president.