Israeli Minister Dashes Biden’s Hopes And Dreams

Reports indicate that Benny Gantz, leader of the National Unity Party, who formed a coalition government with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following the October 7 Hamas massacre, informed officials in the Biden Administration that Israel will not halt its efforts to eliminate Hamas and will attack Rafah. 

Rafah is the last stronghold held by the terrorist group Hamas.

This reality puts an end to whatever dreams the Biden administration had of defying Israel’s government’s resolve to eliminate Hamas.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby threatened in early February that military activities would be a disaster for the Palestinians, and the administration doesn’t support it.

According to reports, President Biden allegedly demanded that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not move with Israel’s assault on Rafah. The Biden administration has been frantically attempting to obstruct Israel’s advances.

Defeating Hamas Requires Taking Rafah, as pointed out by media outlets. It is the last bastion of the terrorist organization. In every case, allowing Hamas to remain in power is justified as a humanitarian need. Israel is under intense diplomatic pressure to avoid attacking Rafah.

Gantz informed U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan that finishing the conflict without clearing out Rafah is like sending a fireman to extinguish 80% of the fire despite the attempt to prevent Israel from entering the city.

In mid-February, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that those who argue against entering Rafah are essentially advocating for the loss of the war and the continuation of Hamas’ control over the area.

The ability of Israel to evacuate the 1.2 million Gazans now residing in  Rafah before the commencement of the military assault has been cast into serious question by officials of the Biden administration.

The words were rejected by Gantz, who emphasized that Israel would not accept an end to the Gaza conflict without a military assault in Rafah. Gantz clarified that the problem with humanitarian assistance is not getting it into Gaza but instead getting it to the people who need it because Hamas handles it as part of maintaining their civil control over Gaza.

Gantz also proposed a Gaza Civil Administration rather than restoring control of Gaza to the Palestinian Authority.