Israel Uncovers Hamas Weapons Factory With Iranian Link

An Iranian-guided subterranean facility in the northern Gaza Strip was used to manufacture cruise missiles, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). As part of their operations in the northern Gaza Strip’s Daraj Tuffah area, the Nahal Brigade combat team of the 162nd Division, combined with the Intelligence Directorate and special forces, discovered a 100-meter-long tunnel leading to a weapons production site. Hamas constructed this strategic tunnel.

The Israeli Defense Forces have uncovered evidence that the terrorist group Hamas received instruction from Iran on how to operate and construct strategic weapons with exact components. In Gaza, archaeologists have uncovered the biggest weapons factory to date, complete with subterranean workshops that manufactured long-range missiles that could strike targets in northern Israel. The workshops in the Gaza Strip were involved in the production of mortar shells and other conventional munitions. They were linked to a tunnel network that supplied these weapons to various combat groups via subterranean shafts.

Terrorists were eliminated in close quarters of battle with the army and by supporting air strikes during targeted operations. Rocket launchers that had been buried were also discovered by the IDF. Three months have passed since Hamas’s terror strike on October 7, and on Sunday, Israeli commanders cautioned Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist organization in southern Lebanon, not to incite Israel to go to war to eliminate it. At the beginning of a cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a speech in which he said that the war would not end until all of its objectives had been met: the eradication of Hamas, the release of all captives, and the guarantee that Gaza will never again pose a danger to Israel.

The occasional rocket and anti-tank missile launches by Hezbollah against Israel are a lethal but mostly symbolic demonstration of support for Hamas that might spark a new front in the conflict. Hamas dismisses Israeli accusations that it intentionally places military infrastructure in civilian areas to evade assaults, claiming instead that Israel targets civilians without discrimination.