Israel Hands Out 10,000 Rifles For Defense Of Nation

Following last weekend’s deadly surprise terrorist attacks in Israel, the Israeli government announced that it would begin distributing thousands of rifles to volunteer first-responder teams in border communities while easing the country’s gun licensing laws to allow more Israelis to qualify for purchasing a firearm, Reuters reported.

In a post on X last Tuesday, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir said the government would give out 4,000 Israeli-made rifles to start with another 6,000 more to follow. Volunteers would also be supplied with flak jackets and helmets, he said.

According to The Federalist, while Israel’s laws requiring gun buyers to prove a “need” to own and carry a weapon have not been changed, those eligible under the “self-defense test” to apply for a gun license will now be able to do the required interview by phone rather than in person. The applicant should receive the license within a week under Israel’s new order.

Additionally, the 50-round ammunition limit has been increased to 100 rounds.

According to Minister Ben-Gvir, the 4,000 citizens who applied for conditional permits in 2023 but let their licenses expire before purchasing a firearm can still purchase a firearm while another 1,800 people in the last six months who turned weapons in after failing to take a training renewal course can now get their weapon returned to them.

Since taking office at the start of the year, Minister Ben-Gvir has been taking steps to boost civilian gun ownership to deal with terrorist attacks and crime. As part of that effort, Ben-Gvir added additional staff to process licenses to make it easier for Israeli citizens to obtain a weapons permit.

Ben-Gvir also expanded the list of those qualified to apply for a license to include more medic volunteers and veterans. He explained in January that his goal is to increase the number of “weapons on the streets” so Israelis “can defend themselves.”

In August, Ben-Gvir said his policy changes led to an 88 percent increase in the number of Israeli women obtaining firearms licenses.