Is Steve Bannon Sabotaging the Jan 6 Committee?

( )- According to a report in Bloomberg, Steve Bannon’s delay tactics and his refusal to cooperate with the House select committee “investigating” January 6 are “sabotaging” the committee.

According to the Bloomberg report, the committee hoped taking swift action against Bannon would serve as an example to the other witnesses subpoenaed, pressuring them to cooperate with the committee. But it isn’t working out the way the January 6 committee had hoped.

Last Tuesday, a federal judge scheduled Bannon’s trial date for July of next year. And while that was sooner than Bannon’s lawyers had hoped, it is still far enough out to be a blow to the committee’s grand plans.

What’s more, rather than their treatment of Bannon pressuring witnesses to cooperate, it is having the opposite effect. Last week, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows stopped cooperating with the committee, filed a lawsuit against them, and this week, the House voted to hold Meadows in contempt of Congress.

Another subpoenaed witness, former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark said that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights.

According to Bloomberg, Bannon’s true purpose for delaying his trial wasn’t over legal issues surrounding executive privilege as Bannon claimed. Instead, his true purpose is to sabotage the committee’s “investigation” by, as Bannon put it, turning his contempt charge into “the misdemeanor from hell” for the DOJ, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and President Biden.

And Bloomberg’s writer believes Bannon is succeeding, pointing out that even disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe said the committee’s effort to force Bannon into testifying is a “lost cause for the committee.”

The Bloomberg piece concludes that Bannon’s “intransigence” has him setting the bar “on what constitutes loyalty” to former President Trump. And refusing to cooperate with a political oppo research effort pretending to be a House select committee is the ultimate test of loyalty to Trump, the Bloomberg writer adds.

That’s nonsense. But like most corporate news outlets, Bloomberg sees the world through Trump-colored glasses.

This isn’t about loyalty to Trump; this is exposing a partisan, political operation masquerading as a Congressional committee. By refusing to cooperate, Bannon, Meadows, and the rest are giving the phony committee the treatment it deserves.