IRS Warns Americans Not To Fall For Latest Scam

( )- The Internal Revenue Service is warning Americans about possible scams they may be exposed to, initiating a new social media campaign warning that criminals will ask you to verify your details over the phone while pretending to be official representatives of the government.

In a Twitter post, the official IRS News account said that people should be alert to criminals who ask you to verify your information via email, text, phone, or social media. The criminals allegedly claim that they need the information in order to make advance Child Tax Credit payments.

Criminals are increasingly praying on Americans as the economy worsens under the Biden administration, with many people relying on tax credits to help them meet the rising cost of living.

But don’t worry…Janet Yellen said inflation is only temporary…

In a separate post on Thursday, the IRS added that the IRS Identity Theft Central service gives taxpayers and businesses more information about how they can protect themselves against a rising number of IRS scams.

Child Tax Credit payments started rolling out to American parents last week under President Joe Biden’s March COVID-19 stimulus package. Under the scheme, families will receive $300 per month for children under the age of 6 and $250 for children over the age of 6 and under the age of 17.

Cybercriminals have latched onto the scheme, knowing that American taxpayers are relatively unfamiliar with the scheme given how new it is.

If somebody calls you claiming to be the IRS, and asks you to confirm your details…you should probably hang up the phone.