Iran Sending Threats To Top Journalist

( )- Speaking to Newsmax on Wednesday, the Senate Chairman of the National Iranian Congress Amir-Abbas Fakhravar said that he is in danger of being killed by Iranian operatives in the United States. He likened his situation to that of Masih Alinejad, the Iranian journalist living in the United States who was recently the target of a foiled murder plot.

Speaking to the outlet, he said that he knows Alinejaf personally from the time she was a journalist n Iran.

“She’s a very well known and loud voice for Iranian opposition,” he said.

Fakhravar runs a political organization in the United States that demands a regime change in Iran, making him a target for operatives directed by the Iranian government in the United States.

He told Newsmax that the FBI has already briefed him, and while those briefs are normally kept confidential, he told the FBI agents who contacted him that he needed to speak out about it publicly because it’s more serious than they originally thought.

The foiled plot against Alinejad involved four Iranian nationals in the United States. Three of those involved in the plot were part of an intelligence network and one was an intelligence officer. All four are now facing federal charges after trying to lure Alinejad from New York to Iran, where she would have likely been assassinated.

The Iranian government has denied any involvement with the plot and even accused the United States of inventing a “Hollywood” scenario, but then again, they would say that.

After all, we’re talking about the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

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