Investigator Suggests Lincoln’s Assassination Was A Major Coverup

( )- Fox’s subscription streaming service Fox Nation presented a documentary called “Who Really Shot Abraham Lincoln” based on a book of the same name by pocket watch collector Paul Mellen.

Mellen enlisted retired US Marshal Lenny DePaul to investigate his theory that it wasn’t John Wilkes Booth who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

Mellon began pursuing his theory after purchasing a gold pocket watch in an online auction nine years ago. The watch belonged to a Major in the Union Army, Jonathan Ladd, who was one of the people purportedly at Lincoln’s bedside when he died.

Mellon, who admits he isn’t a historian and knew next to nothing about Lincoln’s assassination, said the watch inspired him to do some digging. He reviewed digitized police reports and witness testimony stored at the National Archives and concluded that “evidence” revealed a “secret shooter” and a cover-up he claims stretches all the way to the Vatican.

Mellen doesn’t think it makes sense that John Wilkes Booth acted alone. He was an actor. And he was only armed with a single-shot Derringer. So there must have been someone else involved. Maybe on the grassy knoll.

Okay, wait. Wrong assassination.

Mellen said the pistol wasn’t discovered for hours. And he thinks this is proof of a conspiracy. He said after Lincoln was shot, people from the Ford’s Theater were crawling around “on their hands and knees” inside the President’s balcony box “looking for souvenirs.” Mellon thinks it is odd that nobody found the gun.

Instead, the gun was found after Lincoln was moved across the street by someone looking for his missing keys. That person then gave the gun, not to the police, but a reporter.

Mellon claims this is proof of a cover-up.

And who was behind this cover-up? Could it be a secret Southern society with the help of the Catholic Church?

In the documentary, US Marshal Lenny DePaul examines Mellen’s theory with the help of historians and firearms experts.

Watch a preview from Fox & Friends HERE.