Internet Slowed Down For Students Who Aren’t Vaccinated By School

( )- To coerce students into getting complying with its COVID booster shot requirement, Emory University administrators decided to restrict the WiFi access of any student who has yet to provide proof of booster vaccination or submitted a request for an exemption.

It was reported at the Emory Wheel that about 1,300 Emory students had their WiFi restricted in mid-March after they failed to comply with the university’s booster vaccine requirement. The restriction caused the students’ WiFi to slow down while also blocking access to non-academic sites, like social media or video games.

The Executive Director of Student Health Services, Sharon Rabinovitz told the Emory Wheel that restricting WiFi is a “valuable compliance measure to help promote participation.”

Emory Executive Director for COVID response and Recovery, Amir St. Clair, told the Emory Wheel that students would have the restrictions lifted after a few days if they complied with the booster requirement. Students requesting a booster exemption, however, would have to wait longer to allow for the 7 to 10 days necessary to review and approve their requests.

St. Clair said students who refuse to receive the booster shot could suffer additional consequences down the road, but refused to detail what those consequences might entail.

The coercion is working, as about half of the students who hadn’t complied caved to “the valuable compliance measure.”

Ironically, Emory took this draconian action despite the Centers for Disease Control declaring the university low-risk for the virus.

In justifying the action, St. Clair told the Emory Wheel that the university is empowering everyone “to create an inclusive environment where people make good decisions for their own safety and health.”

But the students aren’t making their own decisions, are they?

And on what planet is telling students “comply or face penalties” creating an “inclusive environment?”

These people have lost their minds.