Insane Leftists Target Statue That HONORS Emancipation Proclamation

( After a wave of statues being torn down by violent far-left protesters, it seems that no statue is now safe. It doesn’t matter what the statue represents, leftists will find any excuse they can to tear it down. Over in England, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi was targeted by a petition to remove it, claiming he was a racist, and in Michigan, a state celebrating the Emancipation Proclamation is also under attack.

A left-wing Michigan group is campaigning to remove a statue that depicts a black child being freed, and honors the emancipation of the slaves. Mitch Kahle, the head of the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists, is calling for the statue to be removed because it simply relates to the Civil War. The statue, which can be found in the Allendale Community Park in the Allendale Township, is known and loved locally by the local rural community.

It is one of several statues in the park that honor the American veterans on both sides of the Civil War and other military conflicts. The series of statues, which surround a war memorial, includes one of a Union soldier and a Confederate soldier standing back-to-back. Between the two men is a small African American children, above a sign that says, “Freedom to Slaves!”

In no way can the statue be described as romanticizing the Civil War, or anything else far-left ideologues typically say about these statues. It represents what happened in the Civil War, and literally honors the emancipation of the slaves. But the “civil rights” group led by Mitch Kahle thinks it’s offensive.

According to a local Fox 17 report, the group is calling on the township leaders to remove it.

“We have an American soldier for the union, we have a confederate soldier who was the enemy of America, they were traitors, and now we have this depiction of a slave child,” Kahle told local media. “It’s highly inappropriate and the township of Allendale should remove the offending material and leave the memorial for true veterans, actual veterans of the United States.”

Yowza! Imagine being so angry about a statue celebrating the end of slavery.

In 2015, Detroit News reported how Kahle convinced Ottawa County to take down a religious sign from a local county park and even got Grand Haven to get rid of a 48-foot cross depicted on city land and replace it with…an anchor.

Looks like this is just another opportunistic attempt at erasing America’s history from yet another righteous far-left ideologue.