Infamous Epstein Jet To Be Destroyed

The “Lolita Express,” a private airplane owned by Jeffrey Epstein, will be dismantled for parts after it has been stored by World Aviation Services, the firm that acquired the plane in March 2020.

After spending thousands of dollars to restore the grounded Boeing 727, which has been out of commission since 2016, the company feels the plane is a money pit and will destroy it.

The businessman who purchased the plane thought he could make money by reselling it or adding the aircraft to the company’s fleet. This never happened.

A Georgia runway allegedly has the “Lolita Express” sitting idle. Upon purchasing the private plane, the unnamed buyer claimed that he was unaware of Epstein’s alleged crimes against minor females. When he discovered what he had purchased, he was “not happy.”

Only 35 Boeing 727s remained in operation as of December, and they were primarily used as freighters, charter flights, or military planes for nations like Burkina Faso, Mexico, and Colombia. Older versions may be purchased at auction for as little as $2,000; some have been transformed into hotels, glamping sites, or novelty residences.

The jet has been unregistered since 2019, and it is illegal to fly it. That would be difficult since the plane’s two engines were already sold.

Federal judge Loretta Preska of New York, decided last month that the Ghislaine Maxwell case records should be made public in January, which included a list of Epstein’s clients and plane manifests, which unmasked many high-profile dignitaries and celebrities.

A lady named “Jane Doe 107” gave herself 30 days to appeal the verdict, claiming that being unmasked would put her in danger in her “culturally conservative nation.”

On the list of more than 150 people associated with the late pedophile were former US president Bill Clinton, disgraced British Prince Andrew, and late music icon Michael Jackson.

There were no jail cameras that captured Epstein’s death, which was officially declared a suicide. Many remain skeptical, believing he was murdered as part of a coverup.