Infamous Democrat Page “The Recount” Is Suddenly For Sale

( )- Social media is a vital component of any modern media organization. This is especially true for media brands that cater to journalists, commentators, and other “personalities” involved in the media industry. And The Recount is the only company that uses Twitter explicitly to cater to liberal and far-left journalists.

According to reports, The Recount is the brand that produces the most material for the liberal media on Twitter.  It is a social media-based brand that posts videos that are routinely re-shared by the mainstream liberal media and that primarily include members of the press. Twitter is their central platform because it is where the media focuses its obsessive attention.

This week, CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter stated that The Recount is looking for buyers.

You know you can trust them. They’re very reliable. It’s in their name, for goodness sake!

Reports show the outlet claimed it had a source with knowledge of the situation. The source claimed The Recount is considering a sale. The John Heilemann and John Battelle-founded outlet has been around for three and a half years, and it floods Twitter with short political videos.  A sale to an established company may help it gain more resources and exposure. The company is in contact with possible partners or buyers.

According to reports, The Recount tweets what is said in or by the press, and many of these include political video snippets and biting comments.  However, even when the clips are not aimed at journalists, they are widely circulated and used by them. Not to mention large leftist or far-left Twitter accounts and Democrats who were elected or running for office.

It appears that far-left writers are using The Recount’s tweets and snippets of news as sources for their own short attention span reporting.

The Recount is one of many aggregators of others’ social media posts, but are they doing anything specific or one-of-a-kind that they believe they should be sold or partnered with at top dollar?