I Pleaded the Fifth ‘Almost 100 Times’ During Jan. 6 Deposition

(RoyalPatriot.com )- On Tuesday, radio host and commentator Alex Jones revealed that during his recent deposition with the ultra-partisan House Select Committee that claims to be investigating the January 6 riots, he pleaded the firth “almost 100 times.”

Jones testified to the panel remotely and described the experience as “extremely interesting.”

It’s unclear exactly what the House Committee thinks that they will get from Jones, other than an opportunity to fish for information that they can use to further smear Republicans and conservatives as “insurrectionists.”

Jones noted that the questions overall were “pretty reasonable” and that while he wanted to answer the questions, at the same time he believes it was a good thing he didn’t.

“Because I’m the type that tries to answer things correctly, even if I don’t know all the answers, and they can then kind of claim that’s perjury,” he noted.

And you just know that this ultra-partisan committee – which doesn’t contain a single legislator that disagrees with the clearly false narrative that Trump incited an insurrection – would love to slap Alex Jones with perjury charges.

Jones added that his lawyer told him to tell the panel, “on advice of counsel I am asserting my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.”

He noted that the media may use it against him and suggest it means he is probably guilty of something, but that he’s just trying to stop people from wisting his words.

Far-left Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson who chairs the panel claims that the panel has evidence that Jones was involved in preparing the rally – though, it’s unclear why they believe it matters. Peaceful rallies were held throughout D.C. on January 6, 2020. Those peaceful protesters had no connection with the rioters – which included left-wing activists – who stormed the Capitol Building.