Hunter Used Family Name in Deal Selling Natural Gas to China

( )- More details of the Biden family’s dirty dealings with China have been uncovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

These newly released emails show that Hunter was working on a deal in 2017 to transfer liquid natural gas from Louisiana to the now-defunct Chinese energy company CEFC.

CEFC already cropped up in a previously released email from Hunter’s laptop. This was the company involved in the deal in which Hunter noted in an email that 10 percent would be held by “H” for the “Big Guy.”

In an email from October 23, 2017, an intermediary named JiaQi Bao sent an email thanking Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother Jim for arranging a meeting with Greg Michaels, the president of the Louisiana-based Monkey Island LNG, a natural gas liquidation facility.

Bao lets them know that a meeting had been scheduled and thanked Jim Biden and Hunter for arranging it. She sent the email to Hunter, Jim, and a Chinese investor named Gongwen Dong, someone who had been involved in several deals linked to the Biden family.

In a second email from October 29, 2017, Bao writes to discuss a planned business venture, telling Hunter “you are the best person to help your friend” CEFC chairman Ye Jianming because Hunter has “access to decision-makers” needed to approve the transfer of natural resources to foreign entities.

Hunter’s “friend” Ye Jianming was connected to the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army before he was detained in China in 2018.

In an email from December 2017 with the subject line “updates from your good trooper,” Bao sent Hunter an attached document containing extensive research into the Louisiana energy industry.

In the attachment, Bao had compiled details on the US liquid gas industry, including how natural gas is distributed through the US, noting pipeline networks and existing infrastructure.

JiaQui Bao was still emailing Hunter Biden as late as March 2019 when she sent Hunter an email urging him to “help Uncle Joe run for President.” Bao gives a list of reasons why Hunter’s dad should run in 2020 and why Biden would make a better president than “ignorant+arrogant” President Trump.