Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Releases Big Clue About His Client

According to recent reports, White House officials appear to be taking a new approach to the charges that Hunter Biden sent potentially criminal messages to his Chinese business contacts over Whatsapp.

In a WhatsApp text, Hunter demanded $10 million and threatened to use his father, Joe Biden’s influence if he didn’t get it.

The attorney for Hunter Biden, Chris Clark, stated on Friday in response to the whistleblower testimony. Clark is trying to use Biden’s crack addiction as an asset, saying the DOJ probe was during “turmoil and addiction.” 

Clark said that the words or actions of Hunter during his horrible addiction are his own and have no bearing on anyone else in the family.

A tantamount admission of wrongdoing coupled with an excuse and an attempt to distance the President from involvement can be discerned in Clark’s statement.

Two whistleblowers, ‘Whistleblower X’ and Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley, had their testimony and the 411 pages of purported WhatsApp chats revealed by the House Ways and Means Committee on Thursday.

According to the WhatsApp chats made on July 30, 2017, Hunter wrote a threatening message to his partner at the Chinese oil company CEFC, implying that Joe Biden was involved in their business activities, saying he was sitting with his father. 

The President has denied knowing about his son’s business activities, let alone having sat next to him as he sold the Biden name.

Hunter allegedly warned Zhao that he would “regret not following my direction” because of “the man sitting next to me and everyone he knows and my ability to hold a grudge forever.”

A report claims that Hunter Biden texted another CEFC business partner just four days later. He contacted Kevin Dong and asked for a $10 million annual budget to continue their joint enterprise.

The photo of Hunter Biden visiting Joe Biden’s lakefront estate in Delaware on July 30, 2017, was found on his abandoned laptop. This puts him in physical contact with the then Vice-president.

Whistleblowers stated that more severe accusations, such as campaign finance breaches and unlawful foreign lobbying, would have been brought against Hunter if the inquiry hadn’t been impeded.

It was also claimed that the president was involved in and aware of Hunter’s dubious international dealings.

The Biden lawyers, associates, colleagues, and sycophants have gone from blaming Hunter’s “horrible addiction” and refusing to answer questions to denying the laptop’s existence and seeking to distance Joe Biden from the situation.