Hunter Biden’s “Art” Is Being Shown Alongside Famous Artists

On Thursday of this week, the Georges Bergès Gallery in Manhattan will host an art event featuring the work of Hunter Biden and other notable artists.

The New York Post reports that the show “Bridging the Abstract” features such luminaries as Elaine de Kooning, Helen Frankenthaler, and… Hunter Biden.

Can you spot the brown shoes in the sea of tuxedoes?

House Republicans are looking into Biden’s art sales to see whether there was any attempt to use the purchase of his amateur-level art as political leverage. Purchasing power in China is often accomplished via the acquisition and sale of expensive works of art.

A House Republican committee is conducting an inquiry to learn who has bought artwork by Biden. The neophyte Biden came out of obscurity with his first exhibition in 2021. Reports put the prices of these items somewhere from $75,000 to $500,000.

The White House had negotiated with the gallery to keep Hunter Biden, the White House, and the general public in the dark about the identity of the art buyers in response to allegations that an apparent conflict of interest may have been generated by influence peddling. 

That decision begs more questions and creates the idea that things are much more dubious, if not illegal, because of the anonymity involved.

The Bergès Gallery’s attorney in Washington, DC, William Pittard, was contacted by letter.

He wrote back on March 24 to deny the “inaccuracies” that Bergès is hindering congressional examination, which he labeled a probable “constitutional overreach,” as reported by the Post.

According to his letter, “Mr. Bergès did not express a reluctance to comment or engage,” and Biden and his lawyer Abbe David Lowell can provide “an adequate road forward.”

Los Angeles-based artists Hisako Kobayashi and Todd Williamson will likely also have works on display.

Sadly, Frankenthaler passed away in 2011. Elaine de Kooning, the wife of Dutch-American artist Willem de Kooning, died suddenly in 1989.