Hunter Biden Secretly Messaged A Chinese Ambassador

( )- According to emails found on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, Hunter bragged of his “very good relationship” with then-President Barack Obama’s ambassador to China while his business associates were arranging meetings with him, Fox News reported last week.

Just weeks after former Montana Senator Max Baucus was sworn in as Obama’s ambassador to China in 2014, Hunter and his associates from BHR Partners started to arrange meetings with Baucus, Fox reported.

In an April 2014 email to Bohai Capital’s Alwen Liu, Hunter’s business partner Devon Archer said he was arranging for Baucus to meet with a team from BHR in Beijing.

A few weeks later, Hunter emailed Archer to let him know that he was very close to Baucus and could facilitate “anything we need.”

That fall, Archer emailed BHR’s CEO Jonathan Li to say he was waiting to get confirmation on an October 8 meeting with Baucus at the US Embassy in Beijing.

In late January 2015, three months after Obama visited China, Archer emailed Hunter’s business partner Jimmy Bulger to say he was speaking with Baucus’s office about arranging another meeting.

In a follow-up email the next day, BHR Managing Partner Jason Zhu confirmed that BHR would be meeting with Baucus at the US Embassy on February 5.

In early October, Xin Wang, another BHR executive, emailed Archer and Hunter floating the idea of Baucus attending a private dinner BHR was hosting for “a select group of guests” after a seminar later that month, asking Archer to “work your magic.”

Archer replied to his email saying he would “work on the Ambassador.”

Fox’s report comes just days after Baucus was interviewed by Politico where he responded to the recent downing of the Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina and China’s ongoing tensions with Taiwan.

In his interview, Baucus warned that the US should not “crank things up” in its rhetoric about Taiwan, saying that enacting any “red lines” with regard to defending Taiwan could “cause more problems than it solves.”