Hunter Biden Has Vanished As Speculation Swirls

Over the weekend, the New York Post reported that President Biden’s wayward son Hunter may be hiding at the White House to avoid being served papers in the lawsuit over child support for his 4-year-old illegitimate daughter, Navy.

Last Friday, attorneys representing Navy’s mother Lunden Roberts asked an Arkansas court to order Hunter’s arrest for failing to provide his financial records as required.

The lawyers accuse the 53-year-old First Son of “flaunting the dignity and authority of the court” for refusing to turn over a “single item or word” of discovery ordered by the court. They requested that Hunter be placed in Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies.

According to the Post, there is a rumor in Washington that Hunter, his second wife Melissa Cohen, and their 3-year-old son Beau have been living at the White House so Hunter can evade being served legal papers.

The paper posits that Lunden Roberts’ “legal maneuvers” lend credence to the rumor, as do the multiple sightings of Hunter over the last several months.

The First Son and his family have repeatedly been spotted following after President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to board Marine One for the president’s frequent trips out of town to Camp David or Delaware.

Hunter also accompanied his father on his recent visit to Ireland, sticking closely to the president’s side.

According to the Post, Hunter moving within the circle of the president’s Secret Service detail would make it much harder for a process server to reach him.

The Post also reports that from sometime last year, video footage of the president walking from Marine One to the White House revealed an elaborate toddler swing set on the White House grounds, no doubt for 3-year-old Beau.

However, the UK Daily Mail reported on Monday that Hunter may not be hiding in the White House anymore.

According to the Mail, it appears Hunter may have made tracks for California where he is allegedly staying at the home of billionaire Joe Kiani, a longtime business associate of the Biden family.