Hunter Biden Claims He’s Poor To Avoid Child Payments

Hunter Biden, the disgraced son of President Joe Biden, is trying to get his child support payments reduced by saying that he’s poor.

On Monday, Biden’s lawyers made an appearance in court in Arkansas to argue that their client shouldn’t have to pay as much in child support as he is now to his former mistress, with whom he has a 4-year-old daughter. To back up their motion, the lawyers said that Biden is financially strapped.

Biden has earned millions over the past 10 years through foreign business deals and by serving on board positions with foreign companies. Now, though, his lawyers say he doesn’t have a salary and had his Porsche recently repossessed.

They also said that during a recent trip that his father made to Dublin, Ireland, Hunter had to sleep on a cot in the same room as him, since he apparently didn’t have money to pony up for his own hotel room.

Biden’s lawyers also told the Arkansas court that their client has had to accept generous financial support from one of his well-to-do friends, Kevin Morris, who is a lawyer in Hollywood.

Yet, while he’s crying poor, Biden also has a “D.C.” super lawyer” on his team, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Abbe Lowell recently joined the legal team as Biden is fighting over custody of his daughter.

Right now, Biden is paying his one-time mistress Lunden Alexis Roberts $20,000 every month as part of a child support agreement the pair struck back in 2020, not long after his father launched his campaign for president. In the time since that agreement was struck, Lowell said that Biden has forked over $750,000 at least in those child support payments.

This hearing happened only a few days after Holly Meyer, the circuit court judge in Arkansas who is overseeing the case, ordered that both Roberts and Biden appear in person for all court dates in the future. She argued that the fact that they weren’t present at past hearings was delaying their case needlessly.

On Monday, Meyer said:

“I expect this case to get done. I will run herd on you ladies and gentlemen until that happens.”

Roberts’ legal team has tried to paint Biden as wealthy and privileged. Biden’s team has countered that by saying their client only has been on Air Force One once. His Porsche was also repossessed, they say, and he’s been forced to drive a car that Morris – who’s a famous lawyer for celebrities – provided to him.

Biden’s lawyers said that the only income he receives is from a percentage of the sales he’s able to make on his art from a gallery in New York. They also said he can’t give a list of people who purchased his art, and he also doesn’t know exactly how much they’re all worth.

Toward the end of the hearing, Meyer requested both parties provide her records to back up their case. Those must be submitted to her by May 12.