Hunter Biden Accused Of Nasty Behavior By Obama Insider

( )- Amidst all the chaos with the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, it’s easy to forget about the multiple scandals involving President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden – but the scandal is still here and even former Obama administration officials are calling him out.

Hunter Biden and the White House have moved forward with their plan to allow the First Son to sell his bad artwork to investors in an upcoming gallery show in New York City, with many pieces expecting to be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And Walter Shaub, previously the head of the Office of Government Ethics during Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s time in the White House, has said that the decision to allow this to happen is misguided and could ultimately become a way for bribes to be funnelled to the Biden family without the rest of the world knowing what is going on.

Speaking to the “Objections” podcast hosted by Law and Crime on Wednesday, Shaub repeated his claim that allowing an amateur painter to sell his work for such large sums, and the fact that he is the son of the president, is probably just a matter of allowing him to profit off of his father’s name.

He described the plan as “absolutely appalling.”

This is something the Democrats should be concerned about, too, as Shaub stressed that Hunter Biden is a “sympathetic character” who he feels bad for on “many levels.”

However, he did recognize that many of Biden’s problems are “his own making” and that he has “built his career around being Joe Biden’s son.”

Come on. If this is being said by the former ethics chief at the Obama administration, isn’t it time the Democrats start asking questions about this?

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