Hundreds Brawl In Boston Over Cheap Movie Tickets

Significant altercations broke out late Sunday near AMC Theatres in Boston that had discounted ticket prices for National Cinema Day. Over 400 individuals, primarily teenagers, were involved in the violent incidents.

Businesses in the vicinity had to cease operations prematurely due to the chaotic scene, which witnessed some teenagers vandalizing vehicles.

At a Monday press briefing, Police Commissioner Michael Cox stated, “Such acts are beyond mere childish antics — they are criminal.” He went on to explain that many of the young individuals were without supervision, necessitating police intervention and arrests. Additionally, the Boston Globe reported a complaint lodged by police officers with state child welfare officials following one of the incidents.
The initial disturbance was reported around 5 p.m. at Dorchester’s South Bay shopping center. Nearly 400 young individuals reportedly clashed outside the AMC theater on District Avenue. The police press statement revealed, “As officers tried to intervene, they faced aggressive resistance from multiple juveniles.”

Various businesses in the vicinity opted to close early due to the disruption, with a nearby Target store employing a barricade of shopping carts to block the entrance. Several cinema attendees mentioned being evacuated, with one individual recalling AMC personnel guarding theater entrances and explaining about automatic ticket refunds.

From this disturbance, eight teenagers were detained: two aged 12, four aged 14, and two aged 17.
Yet, by 10 p.m., another large group, approximately 150 teenagers, gathered outside the AMC Boston Common 19, leading to further conflicts. One eyewitness reported a teenager jumping and damaging a car. When police officers arrived, they were immediately attacked by the teen mob. The Boston police recounted an officer being assaulted and another officer being placed in a chokehold by one of the youths. In this latter incident, five teenagers were arrested, including one aged 13, one aged 16, and three aged 14.

It remains uncertain if any officers sustained injuries during these confrontations.These incidents come when Boston has seen a notable rise in juvenile-related crimes.