House Speaker Heads To Border To Push Immigration Deal

The United States has been a different country following the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, economic, social and cultural upheaval has occured on a massive scale following the 2020 lockdowns. George Floyd was murdered that spring and widespread civil unrest ensued. Children were forced to learn “remotely” from home and suffered tremendously because of it. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses were forced to shutter their doors while corporations remained open, and many never returned to business once the mandate was rescinded. People suffered increased instances of mental health and cognitive illnesses. At the same time, in public schools around the country in many of these locked down states, radical new aspects of “education” were implemented in public school curriculums, with many materials surrounding “gender ideology” and the LGBTQ community. Children as young as 5 years old in some states are now mandated to learn controversial material in state public schools.

Today, the national economy remains unstable. The incumbent President Joe Biden and congressional politicians from both parties supported massive spending packages that resulted in trillions of dollars in new federal money that contributed to the creation of rampant levels of soaring inflation not witnessed in decades. It now estimated that three fifths of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Housing prices have risen to such heights that home ownership is now unaffordable for many average Americans. Nearly half of Americans are thought to believe that the American dream is dead.

As ordinary citizens struggle due to the incompetence and corruption of their own government, millions of illegal migrants have entered the country in the three years of Biden’s presidency. Tens of thousands continue to arrive every day, and the federal government has been using taxpayer money to feed, house, and clothe them while providing them with medical services. Recently, the speaker of the federal House of Representatives Mike Johnson went to the southern border to promote the need for its addressal.