House Democrat Vows Action On Colleague’s Scandalous Remark

According to a report, the Democrat representative from Michigan, Debbie Dingell, pledged to challenge her Democrat colleague from Washington, Pramila Jayapal, over her remarks about the rape committed by Hamas in their assault on October 7.

Outrage was sparked when Jayapal said that condemnation of Hamas for employing rape as a method of war should be “fair” while also saying that rape simply “happens” in warfare, thereby downplaying the gravity of what Hamas did.

Dingell said an open discussion was required in response to Jayapal’s remarks. The representative said on CNN that she planned to speak with her.

Dingell said she had been the target of hate speech for being honest, and she would continue to speak the truth, no matter who it is about. As a violent crime, rape is all too often used as a weapon in conflicts.

According to the Michigan Democrat, she denounced the terrorist group’s practice of rape in the moments following Hamas’ assault, which led to public attacks.

Dingell appeared to take more verbal action than the White House had.

Dingell said that Palestinian men harassed her, accused her of lying, and demanded that she apologize. And she claimed she was doxxed over her comments. The rape of women in the Middle East is something she had been studying for the last few weeks. It is unacceptable, and she condemned it.

Whether the Biden administration thinks Jayapal’s remarks were “acceptable” was a question posed to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. While Jean-Pierre did denounce Hamas, she ignored the question of whether Jayapal’s comments were acceptable.

The acts of violence committed by Hamas against women have been well-documented. Apologists for the Palestinian cause, however, have avoided directly denouncing it. For instance, it was over two months before the United Nations organization responsible for supporting women and girls denounced Hamas for their assault.

A resolution denouncing Hamas for committing acts of sexual assault against women will be introduced by Dingell and Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Florida) after Jayapal’s remarks.