Hooters Closing Down Multiple Locations, Release Statement

Now Floridians have to cope with the newest restaurant to close outlets: Hooters. Last month, they were shaken when Red Lobster unexpectedly shuttered its locations.

The Atlanta-based sports bar franchise Hooters announced that, unfortunately, it has joined the ranks of other struggling restaurants in having to shut down some failing locations due to the present state of the economy.

Approximately forty Hooters restaurants have closed up shop nationwide, with at least four in Florida and six in Texas. One of them debuted in 1984 in Lakeland, Florida, making it the second Hooters ever.

Hooters has expanded from its original location in Clearwater, Florida, more than 40 years ago to over 420 locations in 29 countries, as stated on the corporate website. Spokesperson Ilona Wolpin stated that certain Hooters restaurants, namely fifteen in South Florida, are run by LTP Management, a franchisee of Hooters of America, and thus are exempt from these closures.

Six businessmen came up with the idea for Hooters in 1983 in Clearwater. Since then, it has grown into the biggest chain in the “brestaurant” genre, which features ads featuring pretty waitresses in skimpy outfits.

The “Hooters Girls” dress in what an earlier version of the company manual referred to as the look of an All-American Cheerleader, Surfer, or Girl Next Door. This includes white tank tops with the “Hootie the Owl” emblem, short orange shorts, and tan pantyhose.

Besides the girls, Hooters is also known for its food. It serves primarily burgers, wings, and beer. The restaurant chain hosts the annual Miss Hooters Pageant and sells the Hooters Girls calendar. The restaurant chain sponsors NASCAR drivers. Chase Elliott of Hendrick Motorsports is this year’s Hooters-sponsored driver. 

In addition to donating to local causes, the corporation frequently sponsors marathons and other community events.

Hooters has a lengthy history of numerous lawsuits due to alleged discriminatory employment practices. The business model is that the waitresses are extremely attractive.

Disgruntled activists feel that is unfair.