Hollywood Legend Dies, Fans React

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Ray Liotta, who was best recognized for his portrayal of Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s iconic crime thriller “Goodfellas,” has received a flood of tributes. Fox News Digital announced Liotta’s death at the age of 67.

Some of his co-stars from the 1990 crime drama and other Hollywood contemporaries are paying tribute to him.

“God is a Goodfella, and Ray is a Goodfella,” – Joe Pesci,

“I was really heartbroken to read of Ray’s loss. He was far too young to have passed away. Rest in peace, he was a good man.” – Robert De Niro

“I’m terribly startled and grieved by Ray Liotta’s abrupt, unexpected death. As an actor, he was incredibly skilled, daring, and fearless. It was a huge assignment to play Henry Hill in Good Fellas since the role had so many dimensions, so many deep layers, and Ray was in practically every scene of a lengthy, difficult shoot. He blew me away, and I’ll always be proud of the job we made on that picture together.” – Martin Scorsese.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who co-starred with Liotta in the film Dominick & Eugene said on Instagram that he was a lovely person. His work as an actor revealed his personal depth. A stunning artist. Dominic and Eugene, a great film that we filmed in 1986. It’s bad news.

Lorraine Bracco, who played Karen Hill in “Goodfellas,” said on Instagram that she was totally crushed to hear this horrible news about my Ray. She can travel just about everywhere on the globe and people will come up to her and tell her their favorite movie is Goodfellas. Then they always want to know what the finest aspect of filming that film was. And she’s always responded the same way— Ray Liotta.

Jennifer Lopez paid tribute to the celebrity on Instagram as well. She said that Ray was her partner in crime on Shades of Blue and the first thing that springs to her was that he was so wonderful to her children.” She said Ray was the definition of a rough person on the outside but was soft on the inside, and that’s probably why he’s such an intriguing performer to watch.

“The Sopranos” creator David Chase told Fox News Digital that Liotta’s death was “a big, unexpected shock.”

He said he’s admired Ray’s work since he first saw him in ‘Something Wild.”
Chase said he was delighted Ray was a part of ‘The Many Saints of Newark.’ He was convinced he could play both roles. He constructed two unique personas, each of whom delivered outstanding performances. Ray was also a really nice and funny guy.

Liotta honed his acting skills as a theatre major at the University of Miami, where he won his first role in “Cabaret” as a dancing waiter.

After finishing four years of education, Liotta arrived in New York City and bounced about between various office jobs and frequent soap opera parts before being cast in “Something Wild.”

At this point, Liotta truly blossomed as an actor, honing his stare, which frequently shouted more than the sentences he delivered with ease.

The actor died in his sleep in the Dominican Republic. There is no evidence of foul play.

With “The Many Saints of Newark,” Liotta had lately returned to mainstream acting, and he was also a regular opposite Taron Egerton in the Apple TV+ series “Black Bird.”
“Field of Dreams,” “Cop Land,” and “Blow” are among Liotta’s other significant flicks.

Jacy Nittolo and the actor were engaged to be married. Nittolo and his daughter Karsen are his only survivors.