Hockey Team’s General Manager Chris Snow Dies At 42

The Calgary Flames announced on Saturday night that assistant general manager Chris Snow had died after a catastrophic brain injury brought on by cardiac arrest. He was 42.
The Flames sent their condolences to Snow’s family, including his wife Kelse, their son Cohen, and their daughter Willa.

Calgary GM Craig Conroy said that Chris was his closest friend. He said Snow taught everyone so much by how he fought ALS with grace, positivity, and hope.

He said Chris never whined or indicated that he was having a tough time. He probably had a lot of difficult days at work, yet he still managed to do a great job overall.

Conroy said that Snow’s experience made him an inspiration to his friends and family and a powerful voice for others living with ALS. He bravely fought for every day he could spend with Kelsie, Cohen, and Willa over the past five years and has made numerous memories with them.

He said no one can take Chris’s place, but we can honor him by continuing to live our lives with the same enthusiasm he did.

In a post about her husband, Kelsie Snow revealed the sad news-

Today, we said our final goodbyes to Chris as he went to donate his kidneys, liver, and lungs to save the lives of four people.

Kelsie shared on X that “we are deeply proud.” She said Chris was always selflessly giving, both in life and death.

Snow announced in June 2019 that he had been diagnosed with ALS. According to the team’s website, he was given six to eighteen months to survive.

After receiving his diagnosis, Snow immediately enrolled in a medical study. His wife claims the medication was an attempt to mitigate the consequences of the mutant gene.

In 2011, Snow joined the Flames organization. A few months before his 2019 diagnosis, he was promoted to assistant general manager.

According to Sportsnet, ALS took the lives of his father, two uncles, and a cousin.