Hillary Clinton Requested Hackers Target Donald Trump

(RoyalPatriot.com )- A technology executive who hoped to get a job in the government if Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election asked a cyber company to make a report on about six people who knew Donald Trump and their families. The man asked to make the information testified in federal court on May 24.

The request came from Rodney Joffe, the executive, who addressed Jared Novick, the CEO, and part-owner of BitVoyant, in August 2016.

Novick recalled getting a dossier including the names of roughly six people, their wives, personal emails, and addresses, as well as other details. Carter Page was the first name, and he was a Trump campaign associate who the US government spied on despite being a CIA asset.

Another individual Novick mentioned was Richard Burt, a lobbyist. Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, two other Trump allies, were also named in a court filing. Novick told the court that the request was “very unusual.” He said It all seemed like opposition research, making him feel quite uneasy.

Novick expressed his worries to Victor Oppleman, a friend who was on BitVoyant’s board of directors like Joffe. Despite Oppleman’s dissatisfaction with the request, Novick compiled the study, assigning three analysts to it.

Crimson Rhino was the name given to the project.

Novick said that the last thing he wanted was Donald Trump’s name on BitVoyant’s tasking board for everybody to see. Employees with ties to Joffe were the only ones who knew about the initiative. “I instructed them to do it as soon as possible and get rid of it,” he stated.


Joffe requested that the firm “cast a wide net” in the operation. To assist with the endeavor, he turned over Domain Name System data from the White House and Trump’s residences that he had gathered through his own firm, Neustar. According to Novick, the purpose was to get as deep as possible, go broad, not look through a soda straw but look at everything for items linked to the Russian Alfa Bank.

Novick was giving testimony in the prosecution of Michael Sussmann, a Clinton campaign lawyer who also represented Joffe before the election in 2016.