Hillary Clinton Brings Up 2016 As Clinton Family Ramps Up Foundation Efforts

(RoyalPatriot.com )- An unsuccessful presidential candidate twice over, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at the Clinton Global Initiative.

The talk indicated that the Clinton machine is back up and running and has resumed its pay-to-play activity worldwide.

Former President Clinton said that he is very excited about the return of the Clinton Global Initiative next week – now is the time for people to work together and get good things done for people and the planet.

On Monday night, Hillary Clinton, one of the most outspoken election skeptics currently operating, brought up the election of 2016 in her speech.

When the last CGI was held in September of 2016, a year that will live in infamy, Hillary said the world was in a very different place.


Hearings regarding the Clinton Foundation were held on Capitol Hill in December 2018 by the House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations.

Whistleblowers Lawrence Doyle of DM Income Advisors and John Moynihan of JFM Associates argued that according to their research, the Clinton Foundation was operating outside its bounds as a 501c3 non-profit organization instead ran precisely like the global fund in Geneva, Switzerland, by brokering money and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, Mr. Moynihan indicated that sixty percent of the contributions made to the Clinton Foundation were utilized for “administration fees,” which is a striking departure from the standard in the business, which is ten to fifteen percent for administrative costs.
It looks like the Clintons are up to their old antics again, lining their pockets while painting themselves do-gooders. (Ask a Haitian how they feel about Clinton’s benevolence.)

Bill is more of a philanderer than a philanthropist. And Hillary is a pathetic doormat to her husband’s humiliating escapades, which to her is an equitable trade-off, as long as she was able to ride some coattails for power and money.

Hillary has been making the rounds promoting her self-hagiography video series, “Gutsy.”

In the show, Hillary manages to straddle the universes of martyrdom and empowerment at the same time.

It could be her most outstanding achievement.