Hezbollah Withdraws Support For Hamas

Hezbollah, Iran’s terrorist surrogate in Lebanon, has chosen to stop openly backing Hamas in its assault against Israel.

Reports show Hezbollah members refused aid requests from Hamas and ridiculed Hamas officials for enjoying lavish lifestyles in Qatar at the expense of the suffering people of Gaza.

Former Hamas commander Khaled Mashal, who called on Hezbollah to create history by storming over Israel’s northern border, was the target of Hezbollah’s disdain. Mashal claimed that the handful of desultory missile attacks conducted by Hezbollah were insufficient to beat Israel.

The Lebanese terrorist group and political party asked Hamas spokespeople like Mashal to fight against the IDF rather than catcalling from their opulent box seats in Qatar.

Lebanese journalist Faysal Abd al-Sattar stated in an interview that someone residing in a Gulf state is bold to say to Hezbollah that it’s not enough. After what has transpired in Syria, Khalid Mashal’s impact among Shiites is negative (referring to Hezbollah’s assistance for the Syrian Government during the civil war and Hamas’s backing of anti-government forces).

Wiam Wahab, a Lebanese politician who is connected to Hezbollah and the Syrian dictatorship, recently claimed that Khaled Mashal had interfered in the catastrophic Arab Spring to damage the Arabs. Mashal has to provide at least $30 billion before we even think about going to war.

IDF would ignore Hezbollah if it remains out of the fighting, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said during a conference on Tuesday.

A report shows the Iran-backed Houthi militants of Yemen declared war on Israel last Tuesday and said they fired a large number of cruise missiles at Israeli targets, along with some drone attacks. The Houthis justified their violence by claiming they were helping their Palestinian downtrodden brethren.

Israeli Defense Forces officials announced that their forces had intercepted and destroyed two drones and one ballistic missile launched by the Houthis.

Israel’s Arrow long-range interceptor system allegedly intercepted the ballistic missile in its first operational usage, saving the city of Eilat from destruction.