Here’s How to Calculate Your Phone’s Built-In Expiry Date and Care Tips

Businesswoman at the bar text messaging with her mobile touch screen phone, hands close up

It is no secret that when reviewing appliances and products manufactured decades ago and throughout the modern past, the quality and durability of these items has often been found to be of better standards than of those made in the more recent, modern years. Indeed, many individuals in the United States and in the western world may have fond memories of their grandparents or even parents’ residences featuring television sets, dining room tables or furniture pieces, and even more commonly, kitchenware or kitchen appliances like ovens and refrigerators that have remained serviceable and fully functional for decades after the original purchase date. Truly, in the consumerist, market-based economic system of the western world, corporations have implemented something called “planned obsolescence”. In other words, appliances have been made to break in a relatively short period of time and not last. According to an article featured on the website PIRG, an appliance technician who founded a technical school over the internet stated that in the 1970’s and even prior, appliances manufactured were built to last between three and five decades. Additionally, they were designed in such a way that in the event of a break or parts failure, the ordinary person could be able to affordably repair the product and receive more years of quality usage. 

Even mainstream brands seem to be routinely delivering poor quality products. The company Samsung consistently has received negative consumer reviews for their appliances. In the digital age, the smart-phone has become an “indispensable” product for many individuals. Like household necessities, these phones are also designed to “expire”. A recent Fox News article laid out the guidelines to determine how long your phone will last. According to the article, major phone brands may offer “support” (software compatibility/updates) for phones for between 3 and 6 years on average. To determine the time, you may have with your device, serial numbers and EOL dates should often be consistently examined.