Head Of National Security Won’t Respond To Chinese Purchase Of U.S. Land

(RoyalPatriot.com )- On Wednesday, a question was posed to John Kirby, the coordinator for communications on the National Security Council at the White House. The question concerned the prospect of a threat posed by China’s covert purchase of land in close proximity to U.S. military sites.

Kirby claimed that he is not the right person to ask about that, stating that it is “out of my swim lane” and repeatedly attempting to pivot to “homeownership in the United States.” The reporter who asked the question noted that it is a national security issue. However, Kirby kept dodging and saying that he was not the right person to ask about that.

If the coordinator for communications at the National Security Council is not the best person to consult about national security, who is?

The question “What is Beijing up to?” was posed in an editorial that was published in the Wall Street Journal the previous week, which brought the topic of Chinese land acquisitions in the United States back into the public eye.

According to the article, statistics from the United States Department of Agriculture show that Chinese ownership of U.S. farmland rose more than 20-fold in a decade, with the value of Chinese farmland ownership in the United States increasing from $81 million in 2010 to $1.8 billion in 2020.

A Chinese government-affiliated corporation made the most recent acquisition of its kind two months ago when it bought 370 acres of land right next to an important military drone facility in North Dakota. This purchase was the latest in a series of such concerning transactions.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has been given an official request by the Republicans in the Senate to “perform a study of Chinese food company Fufeng Group’s recent purchase.”

The senators pointed out that the proximity of the land to the military installation led to concern that Fufeng operations could provide cover for PRC surveillance or interference with the missions located at that installation, given Fufeng Group’s reported ties to the Chinese Communist Party.”