Half of Democrats Are Scared Under Biden’s Rule, Poll Finds

(RoyalPatriot.com )- According to recent polling, nearly half of the country’s Democrats feel less secure now that Joe Biden, their own party’s nominee for president, is in the Oval Office.

Over 1,000 probable voters for the 2022 election were questioned between September 17 and September 20, according to a poll conducted by the Convention of States Action in collaboration with The Trafalgar Group.

67.9% of voters said they don’t feel as safe in America today as they did two years ago, according to the survey data as a whole.

They feel the left supports criminals and lawbreakers who hurt our families and communities. Americans support those who will enforce our laws and fight for the safety and welfare of our population.

In addition to the 67.9% of respondents who feel less secure now, another 27.1% claimed to have noticed no difference.

64.1% of independent voters report feeling less safe, compared to 30.9% who say the same.

Republicans make up 86.8% of those who claim to feel less safe, while 9.8% feel no difference.

According to the survey, 44.9% of Democrats “say they feel less protected than before.”

Fewer yet, 47.8% of Democrats indicated that they saw no improvement in safety.

The same polling alliance had previously highlighted the nation’s worry that Biden is dividing the country.

Only 20.6% of respondents claimed Biden has “united” the country, while 58.7% said he had divided it while in office.
Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States, said that Joe Biden entered office assuring us that the adults are now back in charge and that he is the one to unify the country.

The voters can readily see that he has done the exact opposite. Perhaps the most polarizing president in American history is Joe Biden.

“Dividing the electorate may be effective politically in the short run, but it is risky and detrimental to the country,” Meckler said.

He noted that attacking a candidate who is your political rival is one thing. Attacking 50% of the electorate and assuming it won’t polarize the nation is entirely another.

Republicans overwhelmingly (92.5%) agreed that Biden is a divider.

64.1% of independents agreed with them, saying that Biden “has divided the country during his time as president.”

Even 17.9% of Democrats in Biden’s own party believe that he has polarized the country. Only 43.6% of party members, or not even a majority, believe that he has united America.