Group Ran By Sidney Powell Gets Green Light

( )- After accusations that it was illegally seeking donations in Florida, Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic has finally registered for and received approval to operate in the state of Florida.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner (and Democrat candidate for Governor) Nikki Fried, who polices charities within the state, filed an administrative complaint against Defending the Republic last month, accusing Powell’s organization of soliciting for donations without first registering with the state as required by law.

A few days after the complaint was filed, the group finally submitted its paperwork.

Franco Ripple, a spokesman for Commissioner Fried said the office and the West Palm Beach-based Defending the Republic are currently negotiating what punishment the group should receive for starting its fundraising operations prior to registering to do so. The punishment will include levying a fine against Defending the Republic.

In the papers filed with the state by Powell’s group, it said it expects to raise $7.2 million during the fiscal year that ends September 30 – the bulk of which, six million dollars, will be spent on “undefined programs.” $900,000 will be spent on “management” and another $300,000 on further fundraising efforts.

Defending the Republic claims its purpose is to “take action in courts across the country to protect election integrity.”

After the 2020 election, both Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani often appeared alongside President Trump’s legal team when discussing potential voter fraud allegations. However, after Powell and attorney Lin Wood hijacked a Georgia press conference and made wild allegations and assertions regarding Georgia, the Trump team distanced itself from Powell and announced that she was not working on its behalf.

Currently, along with Giuliani and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell is facing a defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems after she made claims that the company helped to rig the 2020 election for Joe Biden by using voting machines that could flip votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Dominion has since accused Sidney Powell of using money raised by Defending the Republic to pay for her own legal defense in their lawsuit.