“Grey’s Anatomy” Doctor Announces Sudden Departure 

(RoyalPatriot.com )- According to entertainment reports, actor Isaiah Washington declared his sudden retirement from acting, citing his performance in the upcoming 2022 film “Corsicana” as his last film part. 

Known for his role as Dr. Preston Burke on “Grey’s Anatomy” for three seasons, Washington revealed in an extended tweet that was scooped up and published by celebrity websites. 

With mixed emotions, he wrote to his friends and family that he was declaring his retirement plans from the performing arts.  

Washington said that those who have followed his journey here on “Twatter”  know that I have fought, but it appears that the haters, provocateurs, and the “Useful Idiots” have triumphed. 

The actor expressed serious worry for America’s future and wanted nothing to do with the issues that drive a wedge between Americans based on race and politics. 

The actor said he was not interested in anything acrimonious and has lost interest in the ongoing debate about a “color construct” that serves to keep us apart.  

He said before Socialism and Communism take over our magnificent nation, he wants to see as much of it as possible. Until then, remember that this conservative will keep his “powder dry”  like Frederick Douglass. Calm, collected, and full of love for you all. 

Frederick Douglass was an American enslaved at birth in Maryland but rose to prominence as an abolitionist leader, public speaker, and politician. 

Reports show Washington concluded his remarks by giving a heartfelt appreciation to the audience who embraced his work during his career, revealing that “Corsicana” would be his final film.   

He promised to continue sharing his post-theatrical work life with fans who monitored his social media profiles. 

He told his fans that he appreciated the kindness over the years and to watch for random snapshots of his retirement antics.

He also encouraged his followers to keep themselves safe because the people they love need them.