Green Push Is Literally Causing Shortages

( )- According to a study published this summer, the eradication of fossil fuels in pursuit of green energy will likely cause a shortage of sulfuric acid which is crucial in the global production of food.

The study from University College London found that since over 80 percent of the global supply of sulfuric acid currently comes from the desulfurization of fossil fuels, the Climate Cultists’ push to ban fossil fuels would create a shortfall in the annual supply of sulfuric acid by as much as 100 to 320 million tons by 2040.

Meanwhile, by that same year, geographers estimate the global demand for sulfuric acid could rise to between 246 and 400 million tons.

Since sulfuric acid is essential in the production of fertilizers, the shortfall would have dire ramifications for the global food supply.

What’s more, fertilizers are also used in the extraction of rare metals, like cobalt and nickel, that are used in the manufacture of lithium batteries. These batteries are used in smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles.

Simon Day, one of the researchers at University College London’s Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction, said their concern is the dwindling supply of sulfuric acid will mean the green technology and agriculture industries will be competing for a limited supply, driving up the price. This will likely create a food production problem.

Syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly has long warned that the push for “Green Energy” will lead to a global genocide as whole populations will face unending poverty, starvation, and death in the name of “saving the planet.”

This study seems to confirm Kelly’s warnings.