Graphic Video Shows Woman Trampled By Moose

In Anchorage, Alaska, a woman and her dog were on a stroll when a moose attacked her. The agitated animal pursued them as they walked on a trail, knocking the woman to the ground.

A typical moose is seven feet tall. The males may grow antlers as broad as six feet. These gigantic animals spend their first year after birth alone and are strict vegetarians.

The Instagram account Tourons Of National Parks is responsible for the incident’s footage becoming viral. Their videos usually show instances of inappropriate conduct in parks throughout the globe, but this woman found herself in an unfortunate situation.

Kate Timmons, a passer-by, filmed the moose following the walker, identified as Tracy Hansen. The witness couldn’t readily reach Hansen due to the steep snow banks; therefore, they could only yell to warn her as the animal approached.

Hansen only became aware of the situation when the moose suddenly sprung and struck her on the back of her head with his hoof.  Hansen told local media that she thought someone had hit her with a vehicle or bicycle. When she touched her head, she realized she was bleeding.

Timmons’ husband acted quickly and rescued Hansen by pulling her to safety.  He said that the incident seemed unprovoked from their perspective and unfolded rapidly. Their main concern was swiftly removing the individual from danger, providing assistance, and ensuring that there were no head injuries such as trauma or bleeding.

The moose may have been startled by Hansen’s dog, whom she was walking. Moose are unable to distinguish between dogs and wolves, and they may become agitated.

Experts warn that if you encounter a moose, do not come between a mother moose and her babies.  Speak to it softly and move away. Never turn your back to it or run.  Always keep at least 50 feet away from any moose.