GPS Won’t Be Allowed To Monitor Illegal Immigrants Under New Rule

( )- Experts say the Biden administration’s decision to forbid any GPS technology in a new system to monitor illegal immigrants will make it impossible to track their whereabouts once they are released into the country. The system will cost close to $80 million.

The system is designed to track illegal immigrants through monthly phone check-ins. Migrants,18 to 19, who have been released into the interior of the United States are eligible for the program. The contract prohibits any GPS monitoring that might reveal precise locations, such as ankle monitor tracking.

According to Ron Vitiello, a former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the left likes to do things like this. Despite how nice it sounds, people in these programs will probably never be deported. If they fail to show up, that’s it. Now they’re on the run.

The Biden administration’s statements that the federal government is funding sophisticated surveillance programs for illegal immigrants during the biggest border crisis in American history contradict the new schedule of unlawful immigration.

Republican lawmakers criticized the White House in April after hearing that immigration officials gave illegal immigrants cell phones when released into the country. The White House defended the practice, claiming that the phones help the government track the whereabouts of illegal immigrants.

Jen Psaki, a former press secretary for the White House, said that we need to take measures to guarantee that we know where individuals are and that we can track and check in with them.

Acuity International received the deal last month. On September 1, the first payment of more than $16 million from a potential $79.5 million was made.

According to ICE’s directive, the program’s goal is to “encourage compliance” among undocumented immigrants. The contractor will also “create and manage a network of age-appropriate and culturally sensitive community resources” and provide case workers for the migrants.

The company will also provide “assistance” and “a support system” for post-deportation processing. The Department of Homeland Security is increasingly depending on private contractors to run call centers for illegal immigrants.

According to documents, many illegal immigrants won’t have their immigration cases heard for up to five years. With little assurance that any of these people will return home when ordered, DHS is instead creating an extensive social services program.