GOP Senators Write Letter to Biden Over Migrant Amnesty Decision

Republican Senators have labeled President Joe Biden as the bringer of chaos regarding his wreckless border and immigration policies.

The president’s decision to give amnesty to around 550,000 illegal aliens, the majority of whom are married to Americans, was addressed in a letter sent to Biden by the sixteen Republican senators, headed by James Lankford (R-OK). Illegal immigrants will be able to apply for citizenship upon release.

In the first line of the letter, they wrote of their concerns about Biden’s plan to provide amnesty to those who are already in the country illegally. They expressed their strong opposition to your plan as it would further inflame the already-existing border fiasco and go against the legislation that Congress has approved.

The parole system was never meant to provide a blanket amnesty. According to the senators, the president’s actions contradict the interpretation of the law, and they condemned his overall watch over the border.

The letter states that since the beginning of the administration, it has reversed efforts to strengthen our borders. These actions include the asylum cooperation agreements and the Remain in Mexico program. It also ended ICE’s enforcement priorities that would send the majority of illegal immigrants back to their native countries.

The anarchy that has descended onto the nation’s borders and towns is an invitation to these and other acts of destabilization.

Noting that the porous border poses a danger to national security, the senators urged Biden to prioritize border security in the face of cartels and enemies that would embrace this instability.

The letter follows criticism of Biden’s proposed amnesty from House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green (R-TN), who also expressed strong disapproval. Green noted that this President is making it obvious to anybody considering crossing the border illegally that not only is the door open, but there is also a worn-out welcome mat.

Under Biden’s leadership, America has seen a crisis at its southern border like no other in its history. During Biden’s Presidency, immigration officials documented nearly 9.5 million interactions around the country and calculated that 1.7 million illegal immigrants were ‘gotaways.’

The number of mostly unvetted foreign-born individuals residing in the United States just reached an exceedingly dangerous 51.6 million due to the unprecedented boom in illegal immigration during Biden’s administration.