GOP Says A “Woke” Crackdown Is Coming For The Pentagon 

( )- As the United States is facing a Russian war in Ukraine and China’s threats to attack Taiwan, cutbacks to the Pentagon would be terrible, yet military hawks in Congress claim that the only cuts to the defense budget that would be considered are to “woke” programs.  

It has been reported that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has okayed $130 billion in spending cuts as a concession to a small group of Republican holdouts during the speakership fight. These cuts are expected to impact even formerly untouchable agencies like the Defense Department. However, those with the most significant influence over the Military budget have said that they would not let cutbacks be made that would further deplete an already depleted combat force. Since President Biden entered office, Republicans have scrutinized his administration’s efforts to promote a more sensitive climate throughout the U.S. military. Yet, Republican defense commanders see a door to compromise with far-right fiscal hawks. 

To ensure that we have the tools necessary to counteract current threats, the House Armed Services Committee is now reviewing several initiatives. Committee members worry that drastic cuts to military spending may encourage China and other U.S. foes. While he favors several budget cutbacks that will enhance our military, Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.) has said that he would never vote to slash defense expenditure. With a razor-thin Republican majority in the House, however, some worry that moderate Republicans may join with more moderate Democrats to try to roll down military spending. Former Military Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith (D-Wash.) warned The Hill last month that a minority of Republicans are ready to hold the process hostage to get significant budget reductions. 

Reps. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.) and Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) have introduced a bill to reallocate a portion of the Pentagon’s budget to strengthen America’s military capabilities against China and other adversaries. Yet there are worries that defense cutbacks may impede the United States’ attempts to upgrade its military, which has lagged behind those of China and other countries in recent years. The current conflict in Ukraine has already placed a strain on U.S. military manufacturing lines, and any reductions to the defense budget might worsen matters. National security expert Rebeccah Heinrichs of the Hudson Institute stated that the United States military needs equipment today more than ever, especially in preparation for a potential conflict with China in the Pacific.