GOP Republicans Say Not Ruling Out Biden Impeachment Vote

President Joe Biden finds himself facing impeachment during the ladder of his first term as President. After an impeachment inquiry was filed seven months ago by GOP leaders, House Republicans say that their idea of success in impeaching the President does not rely on votes. Aside from this claim, the GOP members against Biden claim they will not rule out his impeachment, no matter how many votes are or are not cast. In September of 2023, former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the initial impeachment inquiry against Biden. In more recent times, the topic is more controversial due to Biden’s son Hunter Biden being convicted of criminal weapon charges.  

Now, instead of seeking an impeachment vote, Republicans in the House of Representatives have voted to take Hunter Biden and President Biden’s brother, James Biden, to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution. However, the DOJ under the Biden administration completely ignored the idea. Amid the battle for justice, House Oversight Chairman James Comer claimed that he was not initially seeking an impeachment vote for President Biden, then pointing the finger at former House Speaker McCarthy, where Comer alleged it was the former Speaker of the House’s idea originally. Comer defended his claim by stating that the original impeachment inquiry from McCarthy was a “phase” to give Republicans more of a voice inside the courts. Comer further elaborated that the inquiry never had anything to do with impeaching the President. 

However, Comer did not deny the fact that President Biden should be impeached. Comer stated that the House may, “still impeach Joe Biden”, and personally, Comer believed that Biden should still be impeached. Comer further stated that he does acknowledge that impeachment may not be realistic due to Biden nearing the end of his presidency, with the 2024 Presidential Election only being less than six months away. Comer concluded by stating that Congress would eventually be presented with all the facts.