GOP Rep Claims Nikki Haley Doesn’t Have What It Takes

Republican Ohio Senator JD Vance has lashed out at Nikki Haley and said she doesn’t have what it takes to be President. Responding to a voter’s claim that Haley has “no baggage,” Vance said that’s untrue; the former South Carolina Governor has plenty of “baggage,” she just has not been called out on it. He added that the situation would change if Haley became the GOP nominee but insisted that is not going to happen. He concluded that Nikki Haley would not be able to survive Democrat attacks if they should come her way.

Mr. Vance is a staunch supporter of the former President and in December, said allegations that Trump will abuse his power if returned to the White House are “preposterous.” He told CNN’s State of the Union that Trump will not significantly differ in a second term. “He was an effective, successful president. I think he will be an effective, successful president again,” he said.

Vance cited the fact that President Trump was one of few Presidents to avoid starting new wars and under his rule, wages rose faster than inflation. He added that since Biden became President, Ohio residents have been spending $10,000 more per year on basic essentials. The Senator disagreed strongly with Republicans such as Liz Cheney, who are warning that Trump will use his second Presidency to attack and punish political rivals.

Following the departure of Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis from the 2024 Presidential race, the contest is now down to Trump vs Haley, and DeSantis has offered his endorsement to President Trump. Mr. Trump thanked the Floridian and described his departure from the race as “gracious.”

Speaking at a rally in New Hampshire, Trump said he looked forward to working with DeSantis in the future, that he had done a great job, and that he was a “terrific person.”

Nikki Haley told her supporters that she relished the opportunity to face Trump, whom she maintains is the wrong President for 2024.